Our Story

To begin to understand Skinchanted, we think you need to understand a bit about the people behind it.  Enter Jen & Jeff (Minion Leader & Head Minion).  

We are people who tend to march to the beat of our own drum, conforming does not interest us (seriously, why have corn flakes when you can have chocolate cake for breakfast). Whether that’s getting married at the age of 17 & 19, or having children right away, or moving all over the country just to experience something new (11 moves through 7 states in 23 years from coast-to-coast & Puerto Rico!), we truly carve our own path through life on this blue marble.
In the mid 2000’s, we found ourselves in SE Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee about 3 hours South of Jeff’s home town.  Jeff was enjoying a successful career managing a technical group within a major telecom company and Jen was spending her days as a business manager for a major mechanical automation company.  On the weekends we traveled through the midwest while Jeff filled his free time road-racing motorcycles. Much to the terror and chagrin of his ever supportive, devoted and apparently insanely tolerant wife (she added that part).

After 10 years of living in the perpetual 9 month winters of arctic WI, the walls of the McMansion began closing in on us and the need for a change set in.  Jen wanted to move back down South closer to her home town, Pensacola.  Jeff just wanted to get out of the cold.  Enter the A-T-L! Choosing to downsize not only our living space but our lives dramatically, we sold off, gave away, donated or burned almost everything we owned save a few cherished items and some clothes, and moved into a 1200 sq-ft loft in the heart of Midtown, a downsize of 75%! We highly recommend you try it one day if you can. It’s liberating!

After about a year of non-stop exploring in and around Atlanta, restlessness set in.  Jen realized she needed an outlet for her artistic and creative talents, and Jeff was ready to dive into his turn to be the ever supportive, devoted and apparently insanely tolerant spouse (she added that part too).

While soaking in the tub one night (a favorite relaxing pastime), it hit us.  Why not create a business that focuses on the enjoyment of an incredible bath, develop quality handmade products that can be customized for each individual and make sure each individual is treated as the unique and special person that they truly are.

With that, Skinchanted was born!
Diving head-first into this idea, we quickly realized there were several areas within the existing market for skincare products and sales that could be improved.
    •    The availability of a reliable and constant source of truly handmade, all natural or highly natural products year round instead of seasonal farmer’s markets.
    •    Explaining the “Marketing Machine” of larger corporations and companies with multi-million dollar budgets, that use “buzz” words and trendy ingredients that hold no real benefit to the product or the consumer. Ending the downplaying of potential negative effects of certain synthetics and additives.  Refusing the hiring of sales persons who are there to simply sell you a product without a full understanding of what that product really is, your unique skin type and a clear understanding of a product’s ingredients and how they interact with your skin type.
    •    Eliminating the belief in false cures. People often seek a higher class of skincare product when they begin experiencing problems with their skin. Be it eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, oily, sensitive or simply dry skin. In this quest, individuals are often mislead or even flat out lied to regarding what a product can truly do, and left sorely disappointed when the products fail to live up to the hype.
We’ve spent years developing and refining our skincare products which are sensibly-simple. To us this means avoiding unnecessary gimmick ingredients in the knowledge that most often times, less is more.  We continue refining these products by listening to our clients and their needs, keeping in touch with those who use our products and making sure they exceed expectations. We use our own products daily and trust us, no one is a harsher critic regarding our products than we are.

Ingredient shipments from around the world!

At Skinchanted, you will work with the exact people who make the products you are looking at.  We can explain each product, its uses, the ingredients and why those ingredients were chosen for the product. 

On any given day, you will find over 20 different variety of soaps waiting just for you. You’ll also see soaps and products “curing” and “cooking” for upcoming holidays, events, seasons, addition to our ever growing product line or simply restocking. 

Our goals at Skinchanted are simple.  
    •    Educate and inform individuals, empowering them to make the best decisions for their lives and their skin.
    •    Create and provide sensibly-simple skincare products avoiding unnecessary ingredients, fillers or unproven “trendy” additives.
    •    Provide our products in a retail establishment, operated year-round and staffed by the exact people who make the products you came here for.
    •    Allow individuals to create custom products that are tailored to their specific skin and needs.

We invite you to visit us at Skinchanted today in Atlanta, or online at Skinchanted.com and FEEL the difference found in handmade natural skincare and our Sensibly-Simple custom recipes at the heart of it all.
Atlanta, GA