Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s with your packaging:
We package our products like we do for several reasons:

• Sanitation: Do you really want to buy a product that has been unprotected and that any number of other people have stuck their hands and noses all over for any number of days? We don’t and we don’t want our friends to either.

• Environment: Some of our items need the driest environment available to maintain their integrity. The only way we have found to provide this environment (so far) is by the use of actual packaging and occasionally plastic packaging. Please know that we are well aware of the global environment and are always considering better ways & alternatives. Feel free to share suggestions.  Additionally, you will be happy to know that all of our packaging is made in the USA.

What is this product wrapper made of?
For our packaging and labeling, wherever possible we have chosen to use TerraSkin products. TerraSkin is a synthetic paper made from powdered stone. This packaging has less impact on the environment, requires less ink for printing, is naturally biodegradable back to stone, resists moisture and is stronger than wood paper (among the many reasons). It's really cool stuff, you should check it out!

What is a “Day Old” soap, lotion, etc?
Some of you may remember going to the discount “Day Old” bakery to get less than perfect bread, pies, etc... The same principal applies here. “Day Old” soaps are soaps that needed a little extra help in the “pretty” department or are the left over pieces of other soaps that we collect as we clean each and every bar to look it’s best for it’s new home. We melt the aesthetically challenged, or extra pieces and mold them into a new bar of soap. They are perfectly wonderful soaps that are as good, if not better than, the original bars they were a part of.

What is a salt bar?
A salt bar is a regular soap bar that is approximately 50% salt. One of the main benefits is an ultra smooth bar that lasts much longer than typical soaps. Added benefits are the happy skin that results from the salt within the bars. Salt bars by nature do lather slightly less than a regular bar and are best used either directly on the skin or with a loofah or scrubby. Think bathing in the ocean.

Why are your labels so confusing?
We actually think our labels are pretty straight forward compared to some that list things we have no idea how to pronounce or even list things in a deceiving sort of manner to get you to believe you’re not actually using a product that was made in a certain fashion. However, we are required by the FDA to use the INCI names of all ingredients when labeling and since we’d like to keep doing business, we do it the way they tell us to.

Will your product cure this or help that?
We cannot make any claims about our product curing anything without undergoing FDA testing and that product being classified as a drug (thus raising the price tremendously).  However, what we can do is help educate you on common uses of many natural ingredients and provide you with feedback from our other customers.  In the end, we want you to make informed decisions for whatever purchases you make.

Are your products vegan?
Most of our products are vegan. However, not all of our products are vegan. We like to include a little something for everyone. We do have vegan products. Please read our ingredients labels carefully. These will tell you if the item you are looking at is vegan or not. *Note: Luxury lotions and conditioners are not vegan*  If you ever have a question, please ask.

Are your products "All Natural"?
Our products are "as natural as we can possibly make them".  They range from 100% natural to about 97% natural at this time.  While we would love for all of our products to be 100% natural, there are certain fragrances which are synthetic as well as some preservatives and colorants.  If you have questions on natural levels of a certain product, please ask and we will gladly explain.

Why do you use preservatives?
We use preservatives in any product that is water-based, or has the potential for bacterial growth.  We clearly understand the issues around preservatives and use the healthiest options we can find while maintaining product integrity and safety.  Aside from product lifespan, preservatives can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria (such as staph) from growing in your products.  The bottom line is we want you to have products that last and are SAFE for your entire family.

I <3 this stuff! Where do I go to buy more?
If you enjoy these items and would like to order more, please feel free to order right here, or email or call us (contact information listed on the front page). We’ll happily send or make you more. Please note that through our soap making method, all soap cures (breathes) for a minimum of 4 weeks to assure the hardest, longest lasting, best, most mild bar possible. This means it may take a few weeks for us to get you more soap bars if we don’t currently have that particular bar on hand. The first step of requesting & ordering more is to please note the name of the item you purchased so that we can identify it in and duplicate it.

The bar I ordered doesn’t look like the last one:
When you order our items we use the same recipe that you purchased last time. However, all of our items are hand made. This means that there may be slight variations from batch to batch. We strive to make each batch identical but occasionally these products can be fickle and have a mind of their own. Please rest assured however that even if they look slightly different, you are still receiving the quality product that you fell in love with in the first place.

There are warnings on this stuff. Is it bad?
We use warnings as a way to impart certain information to you. These do not mean that the products themselves are harmful or bad. (According to my husband it simply means I talk too much.)

Some of our warnings include:

• Essential Oils: Pregnant women, infants, and individuals with certain medical conditions should use caution when using essential oils. We highly recommend consulting a physician before using anything you aren’t sure of. When in doubt ask your doctor.

• Allergies: Some of our items do contain nut material, and one should assume that all products have been made in an environment which is exposed to nut material. Those with nut allergies should read the ingredients list closely. If you have any questions about our ingredients please feel free to ask us.

• Preservatives: Our conditioners & lotions contain preservatives. We have included suggested “best if used by” dates on all items. However, depending on the conditions in your area it is possible that this date may change. If you notice any unfavorable changes in the product, please discard it immediately.

• Sensitivity: While our ingredients are very common soap and cosmetic/toiletry making ingredients used in most comparable commercially available items, it is impossible for us to predict who may or may not be sensitive to these items.  Please use common sense. If a product causes irritation, please discontinue use immediately and let us know so we can make note of it and try to find you products that work well for you.

• Rainbow alert: This means that by design or by accident (and we’re not telling) this item contains a high color content. These particular items may temporarily discolor lather and washing cloths but will not discolor people. All of our dyes and colorants are water soluble and will wash away. All of our colorants are approved for use in our products. All bath fizzies & bath blocks will turn the water the color of the fizzy/ bath block. It is possible that they may leave a ring in your tub. It will wash away.

Palm oil issues:
In keeping with our social and ethical responsibility goals, our palm oil is purchased via a company whose supplier is a member of the roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production. For more information you can find their website at www.rspo.org

Castor oil:
Castor oil is used safely and routinely by millions of people everyday. I know people who actually eat a tablespoon of it each morning (yuck!) and so far they’re still here & going strong. Castor oil can be purchased over the counter at many different public retailers. The short of it is yes, castor oil is safe. Ricin is not safe. Our products contain castor oil not ricin.

Sodium & potassium hydroxide or lye:
Our soaps are made with lye.  That being said, for those of you that remember grandma’s good ole’ fashioned lye soap (and the itching/burning) you have no reason to fear. In this day and age, soap making is no longer the guesstimate crap shoot that grandma utilized for her production. Soap making is an exact science (to the gram). Properly made soap contains no remaining lye after the chemical reactions that actually create the soap (saponification) have occurred. All true soaps (even “glycerin” & liquid soap) are made with lye. This includes the soaps you purchase from big named companies through big named retailers. If in doubt, bring us your bar or bottle of soap and we’ll happily read the ingredients label with you and explain what it really means & says.

Are your products safe?
Since we have not submitted our products to an actual lab for testing (due to the prohibitive costs associated), we are required by the FDA to inform you that, “the safety of this product has not been determined”. 21 cfr 740.10. However, you may rest assured that we have personally used at least one item from each batch on each and every member of our family (yes, even the dogs). So far, we don’t glow in the dark and haven’t grown a second head. We haven’t peeled our skin off nor do we want to (it’s never been happier). We can honestly say that we’ve never been cleaner, smelled better, or had happier, softer skin in our lives.