How to Use Skinchanted Bath Salts & Soaks



Usage rate will vary from person to person and tub to tub.

Thank you for your purchase of a made to order custom Bath Salt/Soak. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your choice but we’d like to give you a few pointers regarding how to use and care for your purchase.

  • Always make sure our hands are clean and dry before dispensing. Better yet, use a clean dry spoon. These items are preserved with a natural preservative but for a longer happy life for your purchase, we suggest NOT introducing any unnecessary moisture or other such ickys if you can help it.
  • Pour or scoop your desired amount of Bath Salts/Soak into a warm bath while filling the tub.
  • When you have filled the tub to your desired level (of water) you can either enter & enjoy or wait for the Bath Salts/Soak to dissolve.
  • Recap your Bath Salts/Soak and store in a cool dark place.

Note: Please be careful as some Bath Salts & Soaks can make bath surfaces slippery. As usual, with any product (Natural or not) discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs.