NoPoo Shampoo Alternative Directions



No-Poo Information & Directions:

Thank you for your purchase of our No-Poo Shampoo Alternative. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your choice but we’d like to give you a few tidbits of information regarding how to use your purchase and (if this is your first time) what results you may expect from your hair.

  • Skinchanted No-Poo is formulated to be gentle and the closest possible to your hair’s natural sebum/oil PH level of 5 (No-Poo is an approximate PH of 4.5 – 5).
  • No-Poo is NOT SHAMPOO. It will not foam. Our No-Poo Shampoo Alternative is created using a blend of berries, nuts and other various natural and ancient ingredients. It does not contain the synthetic surfactant agents (foamers) that are present in shampoo.
  • Each No-Poo recipe has been developed for a specific hair type.
  • Each No-Poo is also born naked (completely unfragranced). We fragrance as you order with your choices of essential oils and/or fragrance oils. If you choose an unfragranced version, the fragrance that you smell is the natural fragrance of the ingredients only.
  • To use Skinchanted No-Poo; (1) Shake lightly to reincorporate any possible separation or settling. (2) Wet your hair. (3) Dispense a quarter sized (longer hair may need more) amount into your palm (some may choose to dispense directly onto hair, don’t worry we won’t judge you). (4) Apply to your hair and use as you would typical shampoo. (5) Massage completely into your scalp and throughout your hair. (6) Leave No-Poo on for approximately 2 minutes. (7) Rinse. There is no need to repeat this process and you should not need conditioners or extra detanglers after. (Minion Leader uses a light Skinchanted hair serum on her dry hair for smoothing but conditioner and detanglers are now an unnecessary thing of the past).
  • For those who are New to No-Poo, your hair is going to look and feel different than it does with traditional detergent based shampoo. (Don’t believe us? Try washing your hair with traditional shampoo after using No-Poo for a while. You will notice a vast and distinct difference in the look and feel of your hair.) At first use, you may notice that your hair seems oilier than usual for a short while. This is your hair trying to figure out its new natural balance since you are no longer stripping it raw with surfactant/detergent-based shampoos daily and requiring it to overcompensate with oil production to recover. Your hair will balance itself. This process can take as little time as your first use of No-Poo or can last for up to a month. Please be patient, we know the end result is worth the possible wait.
  • Finally, we are so confident (see, we’re working on our self esteem too) that you will love this product as much as we do that we guarantee it. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us for a full refund.

Note(s) & Warnings: We do not recommend washing your hair daily but for those who choose/need such a path, rest assured that our No-Poo is naturally formulated mild enough to accommodate you. As usual, KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUT OF EYES (Rinse with cool water if contact occurs). DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY IF IRRITATION OCCURS. FOR USE WITH ADULT SUPERVISION ONLY. DO NOT EAT, FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY (it may be natural but No-Poo is not food!).