Skinchanted's Creative Process

Our creative process.

In making our products, our first step is to determine what the product goal is.  Is it designed for a specific skin condition, skin type, hair type, etc.?  Once we know the desired outcome, we perform in-depth research on all elements involved.  This may involve consulting with every-day people, physicians, dermatologists, herbalists and industry professionals as well as gathering as much information as we can on a given condition (skin type, hair type, etc).

When we have a full understanding of our goal, we move our research to ingredients that will provide the most benefit possible.  This includes reviewing dozens of essential oils, natural butters, natural oils, clays, hydrosols, salts, plants, berries and other natural additives from around the world as well as reviewing any existing products in the category.  From there we perform calculations to determine optimal combinations, and we make multiple test batches.
We first test the products on ourselves and note any reactions or effects.  In this, we can generally weed down the recipes to a couple which we then continue to re-test, involving small groups of volunteers (affectionately known as Guinea Minions) as necessary until we are down to our final recipe.
From there, we begin production of the product which includes determining the optimal packaging size for the product to fit and maintain freshness while providing ample amounts of the product.  Seriously, nobody wants to run out of shave lotion on shave #2, and let's face it, we're not SkinCostco so a 55 gallon drum of soap is probably not going to make it in our retail product line (wholesale? Let's talk!).  Then there’s finding a name for it which is surprisingly more difficult than it sounds some days!  And finally labeling, pricing and getting our next famous product out to YOU!

End-to-end, the process can take as little as 1 week (if the moon & stars are right and the man is out of town to let me do my thing my way) and as long as 6 months depending on the product (we even have some that we've been working on for 2 years now)!

But it doesn’t end there.  Every product we make is constantly reviewed and scrutinized.  We continuously review and incorporate your suggestions.

Our attention-to-detail and continual cycle of checks-and-balances helps to refine our products so we can make sure you are getting the absolute best.