A few words about “Sensibly-Simple”

From day 1, before we made even our first product, we agreed on one thing.  Keep it as simple as we can while providing the maximum benefit.

To this day, we hold true to that core motto and belief, in keeping our products “Sensibly-Simple”.  We avoid adding anything unnecessary to any product.  Simply put, if it’s not necessary or beneficial to the product or you, we don’t add it.

Many large corporate brand soaps have a list of +20 ingredients.  On average our soaps have 10 or less ingredients.  The difference comes in large corporate brand soaps adding multiple ingredients (often times 2-4) just to increase the foam, or others to add smaller amounts of ingredients that are stripped out during the soap-making process and resold, such as many very beneficial naturally occurring skin loving ingredients like glycerin.

Pick up a lotion and you can spend an afternoon reading 50 or more ingredients!  Ours are generally between 4-8. 

Does this mean that all those other ingredients don’t do any good? Not necessarily.  However, what we have found is that having an enormous amount of ingredients in a product which could be made with fewer, tends to take away from the beneficial properties of the core few ingredients.  Simply put, they get “diluted”.  Further, the higher number of ingredients a product has, the higher the likelihood that small batches of product will vary greatly (and consistency is HUGE in making these products).  And lastly, having a huge list of ingredients increases the odds that someone will have a negative reaction which will be extremely difficult to isolate.

By keeping our products Sensibly-Simple, we are able to provide you a consistent, well-researched product that stands the best chance at completing the task it was designed for without disappointment or ill-effects.

We invite you to try our Sensibly-Simple Natural, Handmade Skincare products and feel the difference they can make!